Tuesday, 29 March 2011


ok here is my part of the presentation

let me know if anything should be changed and ill do it right away. the background doesn't have to be blue i just got bored of looking at white. also id like to add a conclusion to the last slide but i cant until i see the rest of the presentation. ollie could you upload something rough? and rob is that your complete presentation that you already posted?

it also looks like something went funny on scribd but i still dont understand it. little help plz?



  1. Me and ollie met like half an hour before you posted this unfortunately, so we are going to get together and put all that we've got together tomorrow are you going to be in?

  2. Because you're using a Mac it compresses pictures using Quicktime Compressor. There's no fix for PCs so I wont be able to view the pics on my machine. If we meet up today or on thursday morning I should be able to mash the presentation together on a mac and it should work.

    If you know where you got your images from save them to your computer as Jpegs and bring them along with your presentation just in case it all goes wrong :)

  3. What time is good for everyone today? I think Thursday mornings pushing it a bit..?