Friday, 25 March 2011

get the ball rolling

found this video yesterday. its pretty self explanatory after about 5 seconds but thought it would be a good transition from robs slides into mine. this guy always wanted to voice a disney character but only got recognition after he posted this video. i thought i could write about how with the rise of the internet people are being found through sites like youtube. in the future as internet becomes more sophisticated i can see this kind of thing being used to interview people. the guy in the video was hugely inspired by walt disney but only with the power of the internet has a become global. id like to do a slide on this kind of thing even if a clip cant be used it would still be nice to mention. what do you all think?


  1. i think mentioning it and using a clip is a good idea.

  2. ok ill put that in 1 of my slides then cheers for the feedback rob. have you got anything together yet or still working on it?