Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hey guys
Any chance we can all get together tomorrow? It will only take like an hour just to get all our presentations together and work out what we're doing on thursday, please even if you can't make it tomorrow can you please say so on here so I don't come in for no reason. Im also a bit worried that we haven't covered everything that we said we would, so all the more reason to get together tomorrow. Im going to suggest around 11 tomorrow? but Im free all day, so if anyone wants to suggest a different time then that fine. PLEASE reply to whether you can or cant get in tomorrow thanks guys


  1. Hey Rob,

    I can't get in tommorow, seriously busy. I wouldn't worry too much about any holes, I'll patch them up and should hopefully have a final-ish draft of the presentation up by midday, just check in on the blog every so often :)

  2. ok no worries, should we get together tomorrow morning to have a quick run through?

  3. hello just got the message i couldnt make it today either as i have got an interview and things. i will upload the more finished part of my presentation when im done. meeting tomorrow before the lecture sounds like a good idea. do we know whats going on with roy?

  4. no its cool, no worries. Shall we say half 9 tomorrow? so we got time to make any adjustments.. no offence ollie =p

  5. sounds like a plan ;)

    I haven't heard from Roy since I saw him in class on Friday

    I'm uploading what I've put together from Rob's presentation and the scraps I had