Monday, 21 March 2011

artist for next presentation

ollie rob and i discussed some artists to research, we played with the typical famous ones such as da vinci and michealangelo but in the end decided upon Walt Disney. this is also helpful to ollie in his project on animators.

things to research:
maximum 5 slides each, with notes all slides with pictures, roughly 2 videos showing old and present disney.

early influences, what started disney. why did he start the company. what was he doing before and what did he study.-ollie will be taking this part.

present day. what happened after walt disneys death. how did it affect the company. who carried on the legacy- rob will be taking this part.

future. how has disney shaped the future. whats next for the company. will disney still be as influential to the younger generation as it once was.- i will be taking this section

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