Wednesday, 2 March 2011

hey guys
hope everyone checks before tomorrow, was just going to suggest the library as a meeting place for tomorrow, 9.30


  1. Feedback on presentation 3.3.11:

    Overall, there are are some important issues that need working on. There was a fair attempt not just to read from notes, and to address the audience. However, there were too many facts in the larger part of the presentation - this tended toward being dull. It's important to give the facts some relevance, by commenting and discussing things. This was reflected in the PowerPoint - far too text-heavy, not enough images. And unfortunately you were gonged off - there was nowhere near enough time left for each group member to make an equal contribution. As a result of all of this, the energy level of the presentation was somewhat low - there was a frustrating opacity to it.
    The presentation made effective use of a clip of film - this began to bring it to life. However, it might have been better placed at the beginning of the presentation as an introductory piece.