Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Presentation to date: (WIP)

Here's what we have thus far:

I'm still adding to my section ;)

The invention o the telephony type thing of awesome technological advancement for the good of mankind


  1. Oh Rob I forgot to say that I've edited a couple of tiny little bits in your presentation, mostly just making sure that text doesn't get cut off (there's still bits that wander off the slides anyway lol).

    The only thing that really needs doing is splitting Illustration references from written references cos they need to be put into Illustrations and Bibliography sections

  2. its looking good so far as to what ive read, come across something though on one of the slides it says that bell taught the death. i think it was a typo dont know if you had noticed it but thought id point it out. ill finish reading and up load anything additional i can add

  3. Lol!! Too much coffee and not enough sleep :) Yeah it should be Deaf and not Death! Thanks for pointing it out