Monday, 28 February 2011

ok here is the rough start. there is a few slides here with basic information. it isn't referenced yet but the slides contain the websites of where i got the information. if im on the right tracks i will reference them. hopefully this gives a short insight into the things ive been researching so that we can fill out the presentation. let know what you think and where to go from here. i am not sure if i uploaded this right if the url in the title box is copied and pasted in the search bar it takes you to the presentation is that how it is supposed to work?

alexander graham bell


  1. Urm.. your document didnt show up properly so I edited it to work. You need to copy the embed code from Scribd, then when you're making a post in Blogger click the Edit HTML tab and paste the code in there (its easier to paste it at the bottom of what you've typed)

    What you have so far is pretty good, There's a couple of things I mentioned in a previous post that should probably be included such as the events preceeding bell's inventions such as the electro magnet etc (it's all in my post 'Inventive Events leading up to...' which is already referenced)

    Also you should make it clearer as to what the main force behind the invetion was, I believe it was something he pursued whilst/instead of making improvements to the telegraph despite being paid for the telegraph, again the source I used in my Inventive events post had more on it

    Your last slide is okay but outside of your part, I'm doing 'the invention' itself :P

    Last comment, and I hate to sound like a nagging house wife, please please please reference everything, it only takes a couple of seconds and makes like so much simpler :)

  2. thank you very much ill remember that for next time. comments are great i will add the things from your previous post the the slides. and make things clearer. thanks very much for the input i will get to work on it right away.