Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Brief and Action Plan

Okay guys in between meeting up Monday's here's a breakdown of what we info we need to gather in the next couple of weeks:

Why was it invented? what was the driving force behind Bell thinking to invent the telephone?

Information on key people who are related to Graham Bell's telephone,  who gave Bell the idea, who helped him, who did he take inspiration/ideas from?

How did it change society shortly after invention?

What did it lead onto? The effects the telephone has had on contemporary society etc

REMEMBER! We have to reference everything in the Harvard Method, so include it in your posts! If all our information is referenced on here then it makes putting the presentation together much easier because no one has to 're-find' their sources.

Here's the brief uploaded to Scribd so you can quickly refer to it rather than keep logging into MyUCA:
Time Machine 2010-11

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  1. hello I was there today but not one time up will catch up tomorrow and discussant and blog staff