Monday, 21 February 2011

hey guys me n chloe just had a brief meeting and have decided to take a topic each from the list that ollie posted a while ago

I have taken the last one about the future of phones

Chloe has taken the last one about why the phone was invented

if u guys want to chose one of the remaining ones and do a mini presentation on it we have decided to meet again on friday to put together what we have found.


  1. Thats cool, dont forget to upload everything so that a complete presentation can be fleshed out prior to the Thursday hand in. If you guys want to make a mini presention and upload it to Scribd that would be most helpful so that we can all see it, it's a free site and you can sign in with Facebook if you have it so you dont have to remember yet another password :)

  2. can we upload presentations from powerpoint onto here? i will be doing a few slides before we meet on friday so if not i will show them to you all then and will just upload the information.

  3. You can upload powerpoints and lots of other documents to Scribd and then embed in into a post. This page on the CG course blog will show you how: